Hot Humbucker Set

Hot Humbucker Set

A higher output humbucker for a more aggressive tone that hits the front of the amp hard, but stays clear and articulate. Perfectly suited for large amounts of gain, they have bite and respond superbly to picking dynamics.

Both positions come with rough-cast AlNiCo 8 magnets to keep the low-end tight, even with drop-tunings, and the top end clear and sparkly without the harshness you can sometimes get with ceramic magnets

Wound with poly wire, the neck comes in at around 14.5k and the bridge around 16.5k. Available with double black, zebra, reverse zebra, double cream** or double white bobbins. Or with nickel, raw nickel, brushed nickel, gold or chrome covers (covers are AUD $10 extra per pickup).

 DCR Neck: 14.5k, Bridge: 16.5k
Inductance Neck: 8.8H, Bridge: 10.5H
Wire 44awg SPN
Magnets AlNiCo 8

As standard these pickups are fully wax potted to minimise the chances of microphonic squealing.

*Due to existing trademarks, double cream option not available to customers in the US, sorry.

  • $ 300.00 AUD