"Echoes" Jazz Bass Set

"Echoes" Jazz Bass Set

Based on an old 70's Schecter pickup I had in for repair, these Jazz Bass pickups use 0.25" AlNiCo 5 magnets, and are wound with a combination of 44awg and 43awg poly wire to approximately 14.2k in the neck position, and 16.5k in the bridge. Tappable at 7k and 8k respectively, they can go from go from punchy and growly, to bright and clear.

I use my own custom cut flatwork to emulate the look of the originals, and the coil is taped before adding a loop of copper sheilding around the coil. The design of the flatwork base is tweaked to fit in a standard Jazz Bass pickup cavity.

Also available using more traditional Jazz Bass flatwork in closed black covers.

As standard these pickups are lighty wax potted to allow a more open and detailed sound, but reduce the chances of any unwanted microphonic feedback.

  • $ 210.00 AUD