Vintage 5/2 Stratocaster Set

Vintage 5/2 Stratocaster Set

A vintage style Stratocaster pickup set that uses a mix of magnets to give the best of both worlds - the tight low-end of AlNiCo 5 on the EAD strings combined with the smooth top-end that comes from using AlNiCo 2 for the DGE strings.

They are wound with 42awg formvar for a chimey tone and that signature Strat "quack" in positions 2 and 4.

The neck and bridge are wound to approximately 6.2k and 6.4k, the bridge is a vintage low output 6.8k.

Available with white, black or parchment covers.

As standard these pickups are not wax potted to achieve a more open and detailed sound.

  • $ 300.00 AUD