Vintage/Modern Filtertron Set

Vintage/Modern Filtertron Set

These Filtertron pickups are based on the specs found in the 50's originals, using 42awg and 43awg formvar wire and oversized AlNiCo 5 magnets, but with an overwound bridge pickup to give you a bit more volume, bite and thickness in that position. Wound to 4.2k in the neck position and 7.4k in the bridge, they are bright, clear, sparkly and articulate.

Available with chrome covers, as direct body mount or humbucker mount (also known as "English" mount). Please note these are a direct drop-in replacement for stock Filtertron pickups, not humbucker-sized pickups found on some Electromatic and Streamliner models.

If you are fitting these to a guitar with the three screw mounting, as found on most Electromatics, you will need the mounting adaptor plates. More information at the link below:

Mounting Adaptor >

As standard these pickups are lighty wax potted to allow a more open and detailed sound, but reduce the chances of any unwanted microphonic feedback.

 DCR Neck: 4.2k, Bridge: 7.4k
Inductance Neck: 2.3H, Bridge: 3.5H
Wire Neck: 42awg Heavy Formvar, Bridge: 43awg Heavy Formvar
Magnets AlNiCo 5

  • $ 320.00 AUD