"Eruption" Humbucker Set

"Eruption" Humbucker Set

Inspired by one particular humbucker that had been torn down and rewound by a young guitarist that burst onto the rock scene in 1978, this is a perfect fit for your stripey super-strat.

Custom scatter wound to roughly 9.2k in the bridge position, and 8.5k in the neck, with a rough-cast AlNiCo 2 magnet, butyrate bobbins*, nickel-silver baseplate, maple spacers and specially selected steel pole-pieces, slugs and keeper bars.

Available uncovered or with nickel, raw nickel, brushed nickel, chrome or gold covers (covers are AUD $10 extra per pickup). Bobbin options include double black, zebra, reverse zebra, double cream** or double white.

As standard these pickups are wax potted to help prevent microphonic feedback from occurring when playing in high volume/high gain situations.

 DCR Neck: 8.5k, Bridge: 9.2k
Inductance Neck: 4.8H, Bridge: 6.6H
Wire 42awg Plain Enamel
Magnets AlNiCo 2


*Butyrate bobbins only available as black or cream in 49.2mm pole spacing.

**Due to existing trademarks, double cream option not available to customers in the US, sorry.

  • $ 300.00 AUD