"Dude that H90 is the ducks nuts! ... the neck pickup tone is just out of this world. it's like the fattest Strat in the world"
Leon Todd. H90 neck

"I had unpotted [big brand] that squealed uncontrollably (they had covers which may have made it worse) but these are great. Had them at rehearsal volume with mega gain and they didn't squeal at all."
Leon Todd. Unpotted Vintage Humbucker set

"Please pass on my thanks for the pick ups you chucked in my P-Bass. Vastly improved clarity and punch from the originals, and now I'm not spending half the gig trying to find myself in the onstage mix. Loving 'em!"
Hugh Jennings. P-Bass

"Finally got them in. Yes. Oh yes. 🙂"
Brent Tunbridge. Vintage Humbucker set

"Fantastic sounding pickups- articulate and balanced. Lower output than the [other boutique winder] I have in there, but that absolutely suits the guitar.
I ran the 56 (loaded with your pickups) through My Bad Cat Black Cat, Fender CS Twin Amp and the little Valve Tone. The 56 I've only had for a few months, I really DO like it, but it always sounded a little dead and muddy to me. Acoustically, it sounded quite good, so I knew with a good set of pickups it could be a great guitar. It's like a different guitar now - Lively and spanky, really great note separation, and overall a lot more 3d sounding. The treble is much more pronounced. It was really great into all three amps, but the 56 into the Badcat may be one of my favorite P90 tones ever. Just great."
Brent Tunbridge. P90 set

"Was playing the hell out of my [other boutique winder] pickuped guitar and the guitar with yours in it today. The [other boutique winder] just don't stand up in dynamics and clarity etc."
Scott Tevilspek. Vintage Humbucker set

"Hi mate. These are great. They are a little hotter than what I had before but they respond well to the volume knob! The neck pup is nice and full but not muddy and the neck is not harsh at all"
Paul Bryan. P90 set

"Holy **** dude! They sound amazing! Been doing a vid of the process, will do proper sound vid tomorrow but damn, cant get over how much clarity and definition they have"
Scott Cornall. Hot Humbucker Set

"[Luthier] fitted one of your humbuckers in the bridge position which is absolutely fantastic, I love it."
Alan McCowat. Vintage Humbucker bridge

"I used the tele on the gig last Friday and was really happy with the pickups. The neck has the dark jazzy sound I was looking for and the bridge has all the bite you would expect and more. Combined they have almost a strat sound which is a very handy combination to have . Love ‘em !"
Alan McCowat. Vintage Telecaster set

"Not quite as nasal sounding as a Les Paul in the mid switch position, just a hint of that. I decided to copy the configuration of my SG Custom with the triple pickups, and have the slotted side facing the neck. And glad I did, as the tone is great."
Glenn Winter-Smith. Triple Vintage Humbucker set

"Martin’s single coil Strat pickups, give the best overall dynamic response, of any other Strat pickups I’ve ever had or tried. And I’ve had a lot"
Glenn Winter-Smith. Vintage/Modern Stratocaster set

"Finally got the pickup installed & properly adjusted & man this Tele just smokes now! Utterly amazing & just what I’d hoped. Thanks so much mate!"
"Peter my brilliant guitarist friend who does my tech work & I were marvelling again over the neck pickup last night. Had it plugged into a Valvetone 25W Bassman style amp on the middle position, no effects, just wailing and it sounded freaking killer."
"... the middle position as it is produces the most incredible glassy tone and the neck is gorgeous on its own ... its the best of both worlds for me. I mainly use the bridge but have this beautiful other sound available which I end up using quite often"
Rob Findlay. Modern Telecaster neck/Vintage Telecaster bridge set

"Very good note clarity. It’s a bit of a one size fits all sort of deal. They boost well. The clean up nicely but get dirty easily. I’m digging them."
Ben Caple. H90 set

"That middle pickup is rockin 😛 the more I play it - the more I love 💕 it."
"One strum with the 10.5 ... Nailed it ... Doesn’t need the comp to even it out. Same volume as the neck with the different frequency’s coming through that you’d expect from a bridge."
The guitar has a nice balance now between the three without comping it ... Yeah I’m not taking these out. Good job."
Ben Caple. Vintage/Modern Stratocaster set

"Installed the pups and they sound awesome! By god they pack a punch! Thanks mate!"
Jason Kelly. 70s Hofner Verithin Bass set rewind

"Hi martin - I bought a set of your tele pickups at the last Guitar Swap Meet and only just got around to installing them yesterday and I just wanted to let you know they are the best tele pickups I have heard ever.  I had a set of Danny Gatton pickups in my tele and your set just adds so much clarity and warmth.  I am going to have to try out your strat pickups now. Great work"
Jeff Campbell. Modern Telecaster set

"Mate they're terrific! Couldn't be happier. I haven't played any of my other guitars since I installed them. Top shelf pal well done!"
Tom King. Wide Range Humbucker set