Leon Todd unboxing and review of my vintage humbuckers with the "Peter Green" mod.

Scott Tevilspek with a quick demo of my Vintage humbuckers in a Reverend Sensei



A demo of my Modern/Vintage Stratocaster set by The Electric Pickup Artist.

Kim from Sound Centre's first impressions of a Vintage/Modern Stratocaster set plugged into a Dr. Z Antidote Head.

Wide Range Humbuckers

Scott and Matt demoing some fuzz pedals for Pedals of Perth using a Squier VM Telecaster Deluxe fitted with a set of my Wide Range Humbuckers.

Wide Range Humbucker/Jazzmaster

Gabor from the The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show! with a WRHB/Jazzmaster set for his Jazz-Parts-Master-Caster guitar.


Kim from Sound Centre takes an H90 Set for a spin through the Dr. Z Antidote Head.


H90/Vintage Humbucker Set

Leon Todd's favourite pickup combination.


Eruption Humbuckers

Eruption humbucker bridge clip courtesy of Sound Centre.

Hot Humbuckers

Scott Cornall of Pedals of Perth reviews a Hot Humbucker set.