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Handwound pickups from Perth, Australia, and the home of the only Wide Range Humbucker replacement being made in Australia.


Due to the arrival of my second child, I'm taking a short break to take a bit of family time and have temporarily closed the order book.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but I will be back in November with a host of new pickup types and variations.

All existing orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible, and I will respond to any enquires as quickly as I can.

If you need a pickup or two in a hurry, please get in touch with Sound Centre or Kosmic, as they both carry a range of my pickups in stock. Also, keep an eye on my Reverb store for any pickups I currently have in stock over the coming weeks.

See you again in November!

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Repairs & Rewinds

In addition to my own hand-wound pickups, I also offer a pickup repair and rewind service.

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