Hot Stratocaster

Hot Stratocaster

Hot single coils with the kind of output normally only found in hot humbuckers. With AlNiCo 8 rod magnets in all three positions, they are designed to handle lots of gain with plenty of mids without getting muddy, a tight low-end and clear top-end, they clean up well with plenty of clarity and sparkle.

The neck, middle and bridge positions are wound to approximately 12.5k, 14.5k and 16.5k respectively.

Available with white, black or parchment covers.

As standard these pickups are fully wax potted to minimise the chances of microphonic squealing.

 DCR Neck: 12.5k, Middle: 14.5k, Bridge: 16.5k
Inductance Neck: 5.9H, Middle: 7.3H, Bridge: 9.1H
Wire 44awg SPN
Magnets AlNiCo 8

  • $ 120.00 AUD