"Texas Blues" Stratocaster

"Texas Blues" Stratocaster

Get your SRV on with these "Texas Blues" pickups, wound slightly hotter than my Vintage Stratocater set to warm up the tone, but retain the classic glassy top-end and give them more "spank".

Wound with 42awg plain enamel wire to approximately 6.4k, 6.8k, and 7.6k, all three positions use staggered and bevelled A5 magnets.

Available with white, black or parchment covers.

As standard these pickups are lighty wax potted to allow a more open and detailed sound, but reduce the chances of any unwanted microphonic feedback.

 DCR Neck: 6.4k, Middle: 6.8k, Bridge: 7.6k
Inductance Neck: 3.3H, Middle: 3.7H, Bridge: 4.4H
Wire 42awg Plain Enamel
Magnets AlNiCo 5

  • $ 120.00 AUD