Telecaster '72 Custom Set

Telecaster '72 Custom Set

If you have a Telecaster '72 Custom Reissue, I have you covered with a set that includes a Telecaster bridge pickup designed to compliment my Wide Range Humbucker in the neck.

For the neck position, choose from my Vintage Wide Range Humbucker with AlNiCo 3 magnets, or my Modern style with either AlNiCo 5 or threaded FeCrCo 5 magnets.

Vintage WRHB >

Modern WRHB >

And for the bridge positon either a custom wound bridge pickup wound with 43awg wire to approximately 11k to better match the output of the neck position, fitted with AlNiCo 3 rod magnets to create a clear, balanced sound and retain that classic Tele twang, or from my range of Telecaster bridge pickups

Vintage Telecaster Bridge >

Modern Telecaster Bridge >

"Garageland" Telecaster Bridge >

Hot Telecaster Bridge >

Available in two cover options: "spaghetti-style" signature logo, or plain covers.

Vintage neck/Custom Overwound bridge specs:

 DCR Neck: 10.4k, Bridge: 11.0k
Inductance Neck: 6.2H, Bridge: 5.7H
Wire Neck: 42awg SPN, Bridge: 43awg Plain Enamel
Magnets AlNiCo 3


As with the originals, 1Meg pots are recommended for the neck WRHB to really bring out the best of the WRHB, and I am able to provide a suitable set of pots and caps.

WRHB Wiring Kits >

  • $ 270.00 AUD