Fender Reissue WRHB Rewinds

I can also strip down and upgrade your Fender Reissue Wide Range Humbuckers to the same specs as my handwound ones.

Send me your existing Fender reissue pickup and I will replace the bobbins with my own correctly sized ones wound to the same spec as my own pickups, and use the same AlNiCo rod magnets or FeCrCo threaded magents, and ferrous reflector plate to make them sound much more like the originals.

Once purchased I will provide you with shipping details so you can send the pickups to me in Perth, Australia for modification.

As with the originals, 1Meg pots are recommended to really bring out the best of these pickups, and I am able to provide a suitable set of pots and caps.

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  • $ 280.00 AUD