Hot Filtertron

Hot Filtertron

Inspired by the sounds of Malcom Young and Billy Duffy, these Filtertrons pack a real punch compared to my vintage version, and have more presence in the mids along with pushing the the front of your amp more, but keep plenty of the top-end sparkle, clarity and string definition that defines a good Filtertron pickup.

The neck pickup uses 43awg poly wire and is wound to 8.4k, while the bridge uses 44awg poly wire and is wound to 10.5k. Both positions use an ovesized AlNiCo 5 magnet.

Available with chrome covers, as direct body mount or humbucker mount (also known as "English" mount). Please note these are a direct drop-in replacement for stock Filtertron pickups, not humbucker-sized pickups found on some Electromatic and Streamliner models.

If you are fitting these to a guitar with the three screw mounting, as found on most Electromatics, you will need the mounting adaptor plates. More information at the link below:

Mounting Adaptor >

As standard these pickups are fully wax potted to minimise the chances of microphonic squealing.

 DCR Neck: 8.4k, Bridge: 10.5k
Inductance Neck: 4.7H, Bridge: 6.2H
Wire Neck: 43awg SPN, Bridge: 44awg SPN
Magnets AlNiCo 5

  • $ 170.00 AUD