Vintage Humbucker

Vintage Humbucker

Made with 42awg plain enamel wire, butyrate bobbins*, nickel-silver baseplate, maple spacers and specially selected steel pole-pieces, slugs and keeper bars.

The standard specs for these are:

Neck pickup uses a rough-cast A4 magnet and is hand-wound to approximately 7.5k, while the bridge has a rough-cast slighly degaussed A5 magnet and is wound to approximately 8.5k. Middle position humbuckers are also available, wound to 8.0k with an A4 magnet.

They both have a relatively high bobbin offset to give the pickups that sought-after vintage "Tele on steroids" tone, with tight, clear lows and sparkly highs, great clarity and string definition.

Available uncovered or with nickel, raw nickel, brushed nickel, chrome or gold covers (covers are AUD $10 extra per pickup). Bobbin options include double black, zebra, reverse zebra, double cream** or double white.

As standard these pickups are not wax potted to achieve a more open and detailed sound.

 DCR Neck: 7.4k, Bridge: 8.4k
Inductance Neck: 4.5.H, Bridge: 5.7H
Wire 42awg Plain Enamel
Magnets Neck: AlNiCo 4, Bridge: AlNiCo 5


*Butyrate bobbins only available as black or cream in 49.2mm pole spacing.

**Due to existing trademarks, double cream option not available to customers in the US, sorry.

  • $ 160.00 AUD