Vintage Firebird

Vintage Firebird

Using the same construction methods as the original Firebird pickups, these capture that great vintage fat, doubled-up single-coil clarity, sparkle and power.

Modern versions tend to be overwound and use ceramic magents, making them harsh and overpowered. Mine, however, like the early 60s originals, use AlNiCo 5 bar magnets, coupled with a steel reflector plate to increase the overall inductance of the pickup.

They are wound with 42awg plain enamel to approximately 6.4k (neck) and 7.2k (bridge).

Available with chrome covers.

As standard these pickups are lighty wax potted to allow a more open and detailed sound, but reduce the chances of any unwanted microphonic feedback caused by the cover or baseplate.

 DCR Neck: 6.4k, Bridge: 7.2k
Inductance Neck: 2.6H, Bridge: 3.2H
Wire 42awg Plain Enamel
Magnets AlNiCo 5

  • $ 170.00 AUD