Wide Range Humbucker Set

Wide Range Humbucker Set

In 1972 Fender introduced their take on the humbucker, a singularly unique design from Seth Lover, the inventor of the original "humbucking" pickup. Known for their clarity and top-end sparkle, they went out of production in 1979, until Fender reissued them in 1983 with a different design to the originals. These modern versions are a standard humbucker in a larger case, and don't display any of the characteristics that made the originals so unique and sought after.

Rather than try to make a direct copy of the original 70s Wide Range Humbucker, I've taken the basic design and made a couple of tweaks to produce my own take on it.

I use my own custom-made larger bobbins just like the originals, which allows me to use the correct 42awg wire.

I also make my own custom ferrous reflector plate to increase the inductance of the pickup and shape the tone like the originals.

As far as I can tell, no-one produces threaded CuNiFe rod magnets suitable for pickups anymore, so I use individual AlNiCo rod magnets rather than the bar magnet and steel pole-pieces of the reissues. AlNiCo 2 in the bridge position and AlNiCo 5 in the neck.

Unlike the originals which featured 54mm pole spacing in both bridge and neck position, I use 54mm bridge and 52mm neck spacing so the pole-pieces better line up with the strings in each position.

The neck pickup is slightly underwound to provide a better balance when switching between positions, and add a bit of sparkle back to the naturally darker neck position: 11.2k bridge, 10.5k neck.

I set the visible pole-pieces with my modern take on the classic single-coil vintage stagger for better balance across the strings on each pickup.

As with the originals, 1Meg pots are recommended to really bring out the best of these pickups, so I include a set of 1Meg CTS pots and PIO caps.

Available in two cover options: "spaghetti-style" signature logo, or plain covers.

Please note that due to some supplier issues, I'm afraid that the current lead time for Wide Range Humbuckers is around 6 weeks.

  • $ 340.00 AUD