WRHB Wiring Upgrade Kits

WRHB Wiring Upgrade Kits

Sets of potentiometers and capacitors suitable for upgrading your electronics when installing my Wide Range Humbuckers.

The "Deluxe" set includes 4 x 1Meg CTS audio taper pots and 2 x 0.022uf caps.

The "Custom" set inclues 2 x 1Meg and 2 x 250K CTS audio taper pots paired with 1 x 0.022uf and 1 x 0.047uf caps.

The "Thinline" set includes 2 x 1Meg CTS audio taper pots and 1 x 0.022uf cap.

Pots are available as solid or split shaft, please check your existing pots/knobs to ensure the correct fit. Solid shaft pots have a shaft diameter of 6.35mm, split shaft are 6mm.

Choose from Sprague Orange Drop or Mojotone Dijon capacitors.

  • $ 45.00 AUD