A Tale of Two Humbuckers

Posted by Martin A Smith on

I was a little suprised to to be contacted about a new high-end boutique humbucker from a company that shall remain anonymous, that was cutting out after being installed. Once I had a chance to look it over it appeared as though the lead was damaged, possibly during construction.

Off came the cover, and after removing the bobbins, it was apparent that the lead had been compressed and broken where it entered the baseplate. Nice easy fix.

A couple of days later, the owner was back in touch - the other pickup in the set was also cutting out. However, this time, not only did the lead have to be replaced, but where it was soldered to the baseplate, it was interfering with the placement of the screw bobbin, which had damaged bottom of the bobbin itself.

Luckily, the actual windings were fine, so just needed bit of clean up when attaching the new lead.

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