A Gibson HB-L That Wasn't What It Seemed.

Posted by Martin A Smith on

This 80's Gibson HB-L "The Original" humbucker arrived in the post with what initially appeared to be an easy fix.

However, upon closer inspection, it became obvious that at some point in it's life, the slug side bobbin had been replaced with one from a different pickup.

Not only were the two bobbins visually different, the outputs were completely different (about 7k for the screw-side, about 4k for the slug side), and the pole spacings didn't even match.

After a discussion with the owner, it was decided that I should wind a new slug-side bobbin. So I found a matte finish bobbin with the correct pole spacing in the parts drawer, and wound it to match the specs of the original screw-side one.

Although the bobbin isn't a 100% perfect match, it's close enough to not be noticable once installed and now sounds much more like it would have done before it recieved it's bobbin transplant.

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