Kramer Bass Pickup

Posted by Martin A Smith on

This one came out of a 70s aluminium neck Kramer 450 bass. When they first started out, Kramer made these pickups themselves before switching to DiMarzio.

Even though they were potted in epoxy, they had a bit of a reputation of being very microphonic, this is due to the way they are constructed with the baseplate being riveted to the cover making for a very loose fit.

I have to be honest, it was real struggle getting this thing apart with all epoxy holding everything together.

But, eventually I got it apart and could remove the old wire from the bobbin.

 Then I could get to work on rewinding it.

This time it'll be potted in a paraffin/beeswax mix, which should get into more of the gaps between the bobbin and the baseplate and cover and reduce the chances of squealing at high volumes.

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